Hello ya'll!


I wanted to organize the information regarding our reopening on Monday, June 22, 2020 as there will be some changes to our usual routine pursuant to Executive Order 154 P.L. 2020 c.18.  Please note, we are UNABLE to take walk-ins at this time. 


Firstly, we will be asking 'screening questions' when we call to confirm your appointment.  We ask that if you are symptomatic or have been in very close proximity to someone who is, you reschedule your appointment.  This is the most effective way to keep illness from spreading and we will NOT be penalizing guests for last minute cancellations for the first stage of this reopening.  We are required to take your temperature when you arrive for services but don't worry we've opted for touchless instead of rectal :-).  You're very welcome!  


Secondly, you'll see the studio is much quieter than usual.  We have spaced out appointments to keep total numbers in compliance with opening guidelines as well as to keep appropriate distance between our guests and allow for increased cleaning measures.  We ask that you come alone and on-time to your appointment to help us comply with these guidelines.    


Thirdly, we've removed any shareable items like magazines, retail products & beverages.  If you're coming for a long appointment - be prepared with solo entertainment & something to drink :-). Retail is still available - we're just keeping the stock nextdoor to retrieve for you.  Unfortunately, we do not have any pre-payment options available for you.  As always, we are accepting cash, check or card payments.  If you'd prefer to keep your payment touchless - please bring cash or check. 


Fourthly, we have upped our usual sanitation game for everyone's sake!  We've always held ourselves to a high cleanliness standard, however, we've added to that routine by completely disinfecting the entire station & shampoo bowl between each appointment.  Any tool that is used during your appointment will be cleaned thoroughly with Barbicide (which is conveniently a virucide!).  As always, we are using fresh capes & towels (and bathroom handtowels) that are laundered with bleach for each client.  We also have hand sanitizers readily available for you at each station and the front desk and ask that you either wash your hands in the restroom or sanitize upon entry.  


Fifthly (is this even a word?), you will notice a physical barrier between shampoo bowls & at the front desk.  This is required because 6 feet of distance can not be maintained in these locations (we DID think about a pully-system for payment at the front desk :-)) so rest assured that our tiny 'lil studio is set up to keep ya'll safe. 


Sixthly (HAHA!), we are adhering to the executive order for face coverings.  This clearly states that if wearing the mask inhibits an individual's health (or they are under 2 years of age), they are NOT required to wear one.  Many businesses are refusing service to folks that are unable to wear a mask, however, we at F&H are inclusive to our core.  We have staff members that will not be wearing a mask (as well as clients) and we ask that you respect their personal health decisions as we promise to.   We will not require any personal health information nor documentation.   We have spaced out in the studio to limit proximity to other clients or team members and you are encouraged to wear whatever you feel comfortable with as we want you at ease for your entire appointment.  Please contact the studio with any concerns or questions you may have about this policy (or your stylist's specific instance) & we will do our best to accommodate you.  Thank you for understanding - in our space, we respect the individual.  


And lastly, we are asking, above all else, for your patience & understanding. Taking appointments during this time comes with it's own challenges (we have 4 months of cancelled appointments to reschedule & strict guidelines to follow); and while we are happily & lovingly taking this on - we know that this needs to be a collaborative effort.  If you've missed an appointment, you will hear from us very soon (don't ignore the call!).  If you've contacted us for a new appointment, we have added you to a waitlist to be called as soon as we've reached out to those who have missed theirs.  Thank you for your patience!


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting F&H.  


See you soon!

Alli & the F&H team