points to consider


a collaborative experience - some guests find it easier to use visuals when describing what they like or don't like, so feel free to bring pictures along. if you can't find a photo, try drawing it. 

consultations & deposits - it's really important for us to take a look at your hair & discuss services BEFORE booking a chemical appointment.  this is why we require a consultation before reserving an appointment time (don't worry - it's complimentary!) and for large/lengthy appointments we may need to take a deposit.  The deposit will get put towards your services and will only be kept by us if you were to cancel without giving us a minimum of one business day's notice or no-showed.  we appreciate you respecting our time!

arrive 10 minutes early - this allows you time to relax and immerse yourself in the creative energy.  browse some art books, enjoy a coffee and if you didn't bring a picture, it will give you time to look. 


gratuity - while tipping for good services may be customary, it is never expected. if you would like to leave something for your stylist or shampoo person, there are envelopes available at the front desk. remember, the best thank you you can give us is to send in your friends, family and co-workers!  please note, we do not accept credit card gratuity.


cancellations - we do require at least one business day's notice when canceling or rescheduling. 

children - salons can be dangerous and busy at times, so kindly refrain from bringing children along unless they're receiving services.  


retail - we genuinely want you to be able to maintain your look at home and protect your investment.  our stylists will make suggestions based on what they believe will work best for you. but know that we will never hard sell you - a recommendation is a recommendation.


make your appointments early- prebooking your next appointment before you leave is a great habit to get into and your hair will thank you! you earn points faster and you will always be able to schedule your ideal time.


never keep quiet if you don't like what we do - tell us so we have an opportunity to regain your trust.  we can't make things better unless you tell us you're unhappy. and remember, we don't take it personally!