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About Flies & Honey hair studio


Our studio is a uniquely collaborative experience where you, personally, define our success.  Our mission is to merge the art of beauty with the individual - taking every opportunity to truly listen to your ideas and translate them into a personalized experience you'll be invigorated by.  We understand wholly that when you leave our studio, great hair or makeup is just a bonus.  What we strive to do is surround you with an  energy that you'll take home with you.  An energy that will inspire your next creative endeavor, Inject enthusiasm and passion in whatever you do, and always serve as a reminder that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.  



We are proud to announce we are a certified green circle salon.  each guest will have the honor of knowing that every time they visit our studio, they're contributing to keeping us eco-friendly and sustainable - making our ecological impact as small as possible. when everyone is involved, everyone wins.





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